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About us


Redeemer Presbyterian Church was originally known as the First Presbyterian Church of Pottstown, organized on February 7, 1896. 

The church became part of the Presbyterian Church in America on May 21, 1989 and is a member church of the Presbytery of Northern Illinois (PCA). 

The church changed its name to Redeemer Presbyterian Church, on June 9, 2002 and moved into its new building on August 18, 2002.

We joyously invite you to join us at

Redeemer Presbyterian Church (PCA),

right here in Peoria County. 

We strive to feed you the only true and satisfying “Bread of Life,” The Lord Jesus Christ Himself.  This will be done through God’s ordinary means of grace: the preaching of His Word; prayer; and the proper administration of the Sacraments (Baptism and The Lord’s Supper).

At Redeemer, we seek to bring God’s people to The “Rock of Ages,” Who has always assuaged the hunger and thirst of all who truly seek after “Righteousness,” (which is personified in our Lord Jesus).

We believe—as the Old and New Testament-era church expressions also discovered—that God has given us a special “Day,” The Lord’s Day, the New Covenant Sabbath, the Resurrection Day, Sunday. 

On this day, the saints gather at God’s special behest, to constitute the gathered and covenanted church.
We believe that when God’s people are properly-fed on Sunday, they have the spiritual nourishment they need to sustain them throughout the week—till the next Lord’s Day. 


If you are a sinner and are seeking Jesus in all His glory—our session and parishioners are eager to minister to you!

We sincerely welcome you to worship with us.

Redeemer's Pastor: Rev. Mark J. Henninger.

Redeemer's Session:
Ruling Elder Wayne Bosma
Ruling Elder Craig Ruffolo

Redeemer's Diaconate:
Deacon Bryan Schache

Deacon David Ellerie
Deacon Emeritus Nigel Wilkinson

Pastor Mark Henninger was born in Davenport, IA on October 4, 1955. He grew up on the Iowa side of the Quad-Cities, mostly in Bettendorf and graduated from Bettendorf High School in 1974. He then went on to the University of Northern Iowa, from whence he graduated with a BA in Elementary Education in 1978.

From there, Pastor Mark went to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School where he received an M.Div. in 1983.

Pastor Mark and his wife, Lesley were married in 1986. They have one daughter and two grandsons. The Henningers moved to Peoria, IL in 1988 and Mark has been the pastor at what is now Redeemer Presbyterian Church (PCA) since January 1st, 1989.

"It follows powerfully and irrefutably that the God who led the people of Israel out of Egypt and through the Red Sea, who guided them in the wilderness through the pillars of cloud and fire, who nourished them with heavenly bread, and who performed all the miracles Moses describes in his book, who also brought them into the land of Canaan and then gave them kings and priests and everything is therefore God and no other than Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the Virgin Mary, whom we call Christ and our God and Lord. . . . Again, it is He who gives Moses the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai, saying 'I, the Lord, am your God who led you out of Egypt; you shall have no other gods.' Yes, Jesus of Nazareth, who died for us on the cross, is the God who says in the First Commandment, 'I, the Lord, am your God.’ "    -Luther 1534, On the Last Words of David

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